Friday, 27 July 2012

This Weeks Update :)

       Hey guys! I hope you had a good week, I spent mine doing absolutely nothing but it was good, did anyone watch the opening show of the Olympics (am I the only one that had no clue what Paul McCartney was saying?), the show was good but I was expecting there to be a a single fire in the end. Anyways I'm going to continue the Lady in Red story today. Please note that I don't have the full story in my head so if it takes an unexpected turn then ...oh well! : p

                                                                                                                  Love T                                                                                             

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lady In Red

 There was a bus waiting  around the corner. I quickened my steps in an attempt to catch it but my heels kept sinking into the mud. Tired and frustrated with the sun beating down my back I sank to the ground.

"Excuse me Miss"

I looked up to see a smiling lady in red. I frowned wondering how someone could smile in 43 degrees.

"Are you lost?"

"Ummm.....yea, I..I" I didn't realize how thirsty I had been , I could barely get words out of my mouth.

"You look thirsty, come let me get you something to drink. My house is in that direction." She pointed towards something in the distance that my eyes couldn't make out. I didn't know whether or not I could trust this woman but I wasn't sure when the next bus would arrive and I could really use a glass of water.

  It was about a five minute walk to the house. If it could be called a house. It was bigger than any home I'd ever seen and it looked old, like hundreds of years old. The yard was overgrown and unkempt and the paint was peeling off. The inside was pristine in comparison. I sat awkwardly on the edge of a chaise as she brought in a pitcher and a glass.

"Thanks" I mumbled, wondering how soon I could leave without being rude.

"So what brings you to Wicker Hills?"

I frowned again, the woman seemed to have a permanent smile on her face and I wasn't in the mood for small talk.

"I was on my way to a friend's house and got lost."

"Hmm I see, well your welcome to stay as long as you wish. We don't get a lot of visitors here."

"Oh ok , thanks actually..." My words trailed off into a huge yawn. I was suddenly very sleepy. Maybe staying a little longer wouldn't be so bad I thought reclining into the chaise and resting my head on a pillow. I was acutely aware of the lady's movements behind me but my eyes were closing and I couldn't be bothered.

"She's asleep" Julie whispered into the phone.

"How long will she be gone for?"

" At least four hours."

"Good, we have time."

 ............................ The beginning of a short story?                                                            Love T

Here's a link to the follow up:

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Parlez-vous Francais?


Oui Oui! :P
      Am I the only one who wants to learn a new language? I can't be. So why is it so hard to do. I purchased a French box set with a friend called Living Language French. Unfortunately when we graduated I got the CD's and she got ....... well the whole thing ( I have it on my computer) . I've taken French courses through most of high school but I'm just recently getting interested in it. Plus, I have to learn this language my degree requires me to have proficiency in a language and French seems to be the easiest to pick up at the moment.
 Here's what I've been doing:
 The box set is divided into 3 various difficulty levels with three CD's per level.
So far I've gotten to the second CD of the first difficulty level. I don't know if it's working and I need help.
 Does anyone know the right way to use these CD's? I would love to learn a little before the summer ends and school starts. By the way it's in my master plan to be multi....yes not 'bi' but multi lingual so it'd be nice to get French out of the way. Please (pretty please) give me suggestions on the best way to tackle this.

Heres the link to the box set:

                                                                                                                                 Love T

Friday, 13 July 2012

Sitting on a Goldmine

               Hey! so I've been sitting here writing these posts and wondering who actually reads them, and how to get more views. Well, a quick search led me to google+ and I don't know why I didn't figure it out before. I got more page views today than I get in a week, and even that is just from random sharing of old posts. Although I still don't have that many views but I'm working on my first blog goal..... a comment. Honestly a comment will let me know my efforts aren't in vain.
                                                                                                                                     Love T

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Success and Goals

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala  ( Economist, Nigerian Finance Minister , role model)
    I just read an interesting article about young African entrepreneurs that recently made the Forbe's list. It's inspiring to see people follow their dreams and achieve their goals. That's what I hope to do, if only I can figure exactly what those dreams are. Meanwhile, I can only do the best I can in terms of school and getting to know people. It seems like everyone wants to be on top and obviously that can't be the case, so how do you know your destiny?
Here's a link to the article

                                                                                           Love T      



New Shopping!!!

I recently went on a shopping trip and here are some of the things I picked up.
H&M in White and Navy 

I got this in white from ZARA

Suzy Shier

The Bay
I go the top in a darker pink (RW&CO)
I got this from ZARA also but mine came past my hips

That's most of what I got , I couldn't find pictures of everything and don't have a camera to upload pictures.
Heres my wishlist for future shopping:
A leather jacket

and this:

That's all for now, I'll try to keep my posts regular and as always:
                                           Love T <3

Fashion Post 1

So here's my plan for summer shopping. I want to get classic things that I can get more wear out of. Also, I'm getting into skirts and dresses these days and some more shoes. Here's what I'd love to get

Dressy Shorts.

The ripped trend is growing on me

I've been looking for shorts like these.

I really like the print on this


Never Give Up

I won't give up on this blog. It will become something..... I don't know what exactly ....hmm remember the fashion post I promised? Well, it's been saved in my drafts for almost a month so I think I'll just go ahead and post it today!!! Yay! for Fashion *__* 

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Apologies and a Poem

Hey there, I haven't posted in a while because I've been lazy. All my summer resolutions have been completely forgotten. Well cant live in the past and I'm feeling poetic so...:
I keep thinking
Of the things I want to do
I keep dreaming of being successful 
but I'm stuck in a bubble.

There's a wall that I can't get over
Its too high too climb and stretches infinitely in both directions
It could be the fear of failure
or the temptation of laziness
and my aspirations are never realized
If I keep pushing
searching for cracks and weaknesses 
the wall might come crumbling.

Well... that summarizes why I haven't posted. Also, this is the first poem I've ever posted online *hope its good* See you soon..(If I ever get past the wall)
                                                                                                                                  Love T.