Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lady In Red

 There was a bus waiting  around the corner. I quickened my steps in an attempt to catch it but my heels kept sinking into the mud. Tired and frustrated with the sun beating down my back I sank to the ground.

"Excuse me Miss"

I looked up to see a smiling lady in red. I frowned wondering how someone could smile in 43 degrees.

"Are you lost?"

"Ummm.....yea, I..I" I didn't realize how thirsty I had been , I could barely get words out of my mouth.

"You look thirsty, come let me get you something to drink. My house is in that direction." She pointed towards something in the distance that my eyes couldn't make out. I didn't know whether or not I could trust this woman but I wasn't sure when the next bus would arrive and I could really use a glass of water.

  It was about a five minute walk to the house. If it could be called a house. It was bigger than any home I'd ever seen and it looked old, like hundreds of years old. The yard was overgrown and unkempt and the paint was peeling off. The inside was pristine in comparison. I sat awkwardly on the edge of a chaise as she brought in a pitcher and a glass.

"Thanks" I mumbled, wondering how soon I could leave without being rude.

"So what brings you to Wicker Hills?"

I frowned again, the woman seemed to have a permanent smile on her face and I wasn't in the mood for small talk.

"I was on my way to a friend's house and got lost."

"Hmm I see, well your welcome to stay as long as you wish. We don't get a lot of visitors here."

"Oh ok , thanks actually..." My words trailed off into a huge yawn. I was suddenly very sleepy. Maybe staying a little longer wouldn't be so bad I thought reclining into the chaise and resting my head on a pillow. I was acutely aware of the lady's movements behind me but my eyes were closing and I couldn't be bothered.

"She's asleep" Julie whispered into the phone.

"How long will she be gone for?"

" At least four hours."

"Good, we have time."

 ............................ The beginning of a short story?                                                            Love T

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    1. @COOKS Ok so you'd like a continuation? It's coming soon don't worry :)

  2. No rush...remember...quality should precede other considerations!!

  3. @COOKS that's true, I might update this post sometime at the end of the week but it won't be finished. Thanks for the comment.